Gamma Source Winding Gear – The G-100

Gamma Source Winding Gear From Tecnitest NDT

The G-100 is an automatic gamma source winding gear for use in the field for the deployment of gamma sources for the application of gamma radiography.

The automatic Gamma Source Winding Gear system can be used with all known gamma projectors. The high quality gearing system ensures smooth operation of the equipment with various built in safety systems.

The exposure time is programmable with a delay of 10 seconds on the deployment of the gamma source.

There are is also an external light and alarm for warning when the source is in transit. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with the retraction of the source an automatic alarm is sounded. If there should be a problem with the deployment of the source the source is automatically retracted into its container.

There is also an emergency manual retraction system should there be a power failure.



The system Includes:

• Battery pack
• Battery charger
• Direct power supply mains.
• Warning light device
• Carrying case (optional)
• Does not include winding cables. (These are provided with the Gamma projector).

Client Benefits

  • In-built safety circuits
  • Visual and audible alarms during deployment
  • Audible alarms in the unlikely event of source ‘lock out’.
  • Automatic deployment.