Nodularity Control

The MatVel is a state of the art digital ultrasonic (UT) nodularity control system, with up to 8 channels, for industrial NDT applications in the cast iron industry; uniquely offering the dry coupled ultrasonic measurement capability.

This Nodularity Control System is suitable for manual or in-line spot testing of components of known thickness. This is achieved by using a customised transducer and delay line.

Nodularity Control SystemThe MatVel nodularity control system combines all the functionality of an outstanding flaw detector together with specific add-ins customised for the application.

The system can therefore meet the requirements for any set up, with live A-scan signal presentation and direct reading of acoustic velocity.

Alarm and value analogue output allows integration into a variety of in-line systems for automatic control through a choice of different communications methodologie

Client Benefits

• Full process automation and control.

• Precise and consistent transducer placement.

• Dry-coupled transducer avoids couplant/oil contamination of part.

• Reduces cost by eliminating couplant and cleaning.

• Choice of digital or analogue outputs

• Direct read out of velocity.

• User programmable alarm limits

Transducer and delay lines

To optimise the performance of the MatVel a specific series of transducers has been developed. The result is medium damped straight beam probes for dry coupling nodularity control with frequencies of 2 and 5MHz available as a standard.

These are available as top or lateral mount microdot connectors. Suitable collars can be bought to attach the different delay lines.

Any particular application can be catered for depending on the thickness range of the component at the test area, there are a range of state of the art delays of differing dimensions available: interchangeable spherical, rounded tip cylindrical or thin flat.

The specific design of the delay has been developed for optimum coupling, acoustic impedance matching and durability under challenging mechanical and environmental testing conditions on rough casting surfaces. A set of spare delay lines is included with the standard MatVel package.