Pipe Line Crawlers:

Tecnitest C-0618 and C-1048 are X ray and/or Gamma ray crawlers for the inspection of welded joints in 6” to 62” diamater pipes with the following outstanding features: crawlers can operate different X ray tubes and gamma containers…

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Wall Crawlers

Automatic crawlers systems for continuous ultrasonic thickness measurement on storage tank walls, with data presentation on a PC screen, recording and automatic evaluation according to API-653 code. Very fast, with outstanding strength and manoeuvrability…

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TecnitestNDT Inmersion Tank

Immersion Tanks

Complete range of reliable and high performance automatic inspection systems for ultrasonic immersion scanning for industrial applications, research projects and training. A modular design allows system upgrading easily matching dimensional…

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Train hollow axle inspection: the Boretest

The Boretest is able to test hollow axles from just one side of the train with practically 100% of the axle being inspected at once, providing a cost, time and space effective inspection solution…


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Gamma source winding gear: G-100

The G-100 is an automatic gamma source winding gear for use in the field for the deployment of gamma sources for the application of gamma radiography

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Nodularity control systems: MatVel 8000

MatVel (formerly Autoscan) are “state of the art” digital ultrasonic nodularity control systems with up to 8 channels for industrial application in the cast iron industry; uniquely offering the dry coupled ultrasonic measurement capability

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TecnitestNDT Veescan

Aircraft wheel inspection systems: the Veescan

The Veescan eddy current aircraft wheel inspection system offers its users guaranteed detection of defects, reliable operation, (twenty-four hours per day, 365 days per year), a user-friendly interface and maximize speed of

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X-ray Cabinets – Cabin Radiographic Equipment

The cabin radiographic equipment is designed to perform radiography on pieces placed on a table that can be rotated inside a shielded enclosure. It consists of shielded a cabin that allows safe operation of x-ray

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