X-ray Cabinets

The x-ray cabinet equipment is designed to perform conventional and computer (CR) radiography or real time (DR) on pieces placed on a table or holder that can be manipulated inside a shielded enclosure. X ray machineThe X-Ray Cabinets consist of shielded a cabin that allows safe operation of x-ray equipment up to 320kV. Inside the cabin are motors which can be used to move the X-ray source, the component or the detection media, be it film, Imaging Plates or flat panel.
The cabin has a motorized security door to allow access to the parts and prevent operation of the x-ray equipment should the door be open.

All movements are controlled from a control cabinet outside the cabin, with indicators of the movement shown on a monitor.  The control panel for the x-ray equipment is also contained in this cabinet.  If necessary, the x-ray head can also be rotated for angled shots.



The system has at least three degrees of freedom and with an additional turntable or holder for the component. The X axis moves the turntable or component holder inwards and outwards. The Y axis can move the x-ray tube support arm to the left and right and the Z axis, raises and lowers the X-ray/Flat panel tube support arm. Where applicable the W axis rotates the table or the X-ray tube/Flat panel support arm.  The X-ray head can also be rotated for angled shots.




The equipment has a separate external cabinet containing all the power supplies and the control modules to move the motors inside the cabinet.
There is also a controller for controlling safety devices of the machine and the power supplies for all the motors.



X-ray Control Cabinet         Xray control cabinet 2

The control cabinet is used to move the x-ray head and the piece under inspection to the correct position, closing the door and the exposure parameters for the inspection.  The monitor in the control cabinet displays position information for the axes, the state of the system and allows download and upload of positional information.  There is an emergency stop located on the control panel which stops all movement and exposure immediately.



All axes positions, X-Ray and detector parameters can be programmable for different shooting positions. The control screen contains information regarding the position of the axes and, using the mouse, the possibility to move the motors to the required position.  The centre of the display is used to show stored positions which can be selected. The right side of the screen displays the state of the system and is used to edit the position data in the centre.  The film/Flat Panel to focal spot distance can also be shown.




The door opening and closing is achieved by simultaneously pressing the two buttons on the control panel labeled ‘puerta’ (door). The operator must use both hands to operate the buttons, another safety feature. The direction of movement (open (abrir)/close (cerrar)) is selected by the switch above one of the door buttons.

x-ray open door image               x-ray close door image

This barrier has a dual function. Prevent closing/opening the door and, for safety reasons, should the operator enter the cabin all motors are disabled. There are sensors in the door to prevent movement beyond their travel limits, it is not necessary to fully close or open the door, it can be stopped at any point of its travel.  x-ray cabinet door imageSafety circuits in the door prevent any exposure until the door is fully closed.  For safety reasons there are also sensors to stop the door should there be any obstruction in the opening. are also sensors to stop the door should there be any obstruction in the opening.

If you have any questions regarding our X-ray cabinets, please do not hesitate to get in touch at comercial@tecnitest.com.



List of Clients for X-ray Cabinets from Tecnitest Ingenieros SL

  • Titalchip, Polígono Aerópolis, Sevilla, Spain
  • Aciturri Composites, Tres Cantos, Spain
  • AEND (NDT National Association), Madrid, Spain
  • Iberdrola NDT Lab, Madrid, Spain
  • Industria de Turbo Propulsores (ITP), Zamudio, Spain
  • ITP Externals, Zamudio, Spain
  • Precision Casting Bilbao, Baracaldo, Spain
  • Airgrup, Polígono Aerópolis, Sevilla, Spain